Full service B2B E-Commerce solutions

For Machine Gorilla we created a full service e-commerce solution. A brand new visual identity, a fully functional webshop and customized PDF proposals.

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About Machine Gorilla

Machine Gorilla is laser focused on best in class packaging machinery and equipment. Machine Gorilla is a team of machine fanatics.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Machine Gorilla had the wish to position themselves as the best packaging machines specialist on the market. They are a a unique player! We gladly accepted this challenge because being the best is the language we understand the best!

The Solution

The Solution

We positioned Machine Gorilla as the best player on the market by creating a new visual identity and a brand new webshop. The robust look of the webshop and the identity breathes out 'machine experts'. To be better than the rest we integrated the quote module from Cart2Quote and we created customized PDF proposals with the possibility to send the proposal per e-mail in CC and BCC.

Tools and Techniques

We handle every customization as a unique project, choosing the tools and techniques that will help us to get the best end results.

  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Harvest
  • Git
  • Magento 1
  • Zend Framework
  • Zendesk
  • Adobe

The Results

Customers of Machine Gorilla can order their products through the web shop of the best packaging machines and equipment specialist. Because of the fully advanced customized PDF's and the possibility to send proposals per mail, the customers experience a very professional company that delivers top quality packaging machines.

Logo creation

The look and feel of the logo is robustness and reliability. The stacked words in combination with the visuals of a gorilla shows that Machine Gorilla truly is the packaging machines and equipment specialist.

Proposal PDF

Machine Gorilla does not need to worry about spending hours on proposals any longer. This process is now fully automised, saving precious time and money.


Requesting a quote is now easily possible with the integrated quote module on the webshop. Fill in some details, press the quote button and you'll receive a fully customized PDF proposal in your mailbox.

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