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Increase revenue, integrate existing systems and let your B2B web store grow along with your company

Strengthen the proposition of your company with an online portal for your corporate clients. Batao supplies E-Commerce infrastructure, custom made functionality and a flawless end-to-end experience, necessary for a pleasant and reliable purchase for your B2B customer

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Sales processes for wholesale and industry deal with completely different processes, challenges and technical specifications than companies that supply to consumers.

Batao has the knowledge and experience to build and optimize your B2B e-commerce store. We have worked on over 500 B2B web stores and know exactly what is needed to make your site connect

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Your business fits e-commerce

About half of all the wholesale and industrial companies in The Netherlands do not sell their products online. Half of those who don’t even states they are not planning to implement an online sales channel. These are figures from the Sana B2B e-Commerce Monitor 2015, an international research with over 520 decision makers in e-commerce.

Despite these facts, Dutch companies are doing relatively well compared to colleagues in other countries. The main reasons not to implement e-commerce for companies in this country are ITsecurity, integration with existing ERP and CRM systems and the availability of real time order information. Apparently B2B companies have cold feet. Also, many companies think their business is not suited for e-commerce, whilst often it actually is.

Differences between sectors in The Nederlands

Particularly in the manufacturing sector is lagging behind in the field of e-commerce. Here, over 60% does not sell products online. For B2B fashion companies and in the sector containers & packaging, a web store often already is very much part of the sales channels. From the industrial companies that do not have a web shop, 40 percent states that they do want to invest by 2017.

In the manufacturing sector, companies often have a distorted via on e-commerce. They say, for example, that their customers do not want to buy online but want personal advice. However, the Sana research makes clear that corporate clients want to order as efficient as possible and that they want to do that through online stores.

Usability as a priority

Companies that do choose to have an online sales channel, want this to be user-friendly and that it helps to improve customer service. Only after that they think their e-commerce channel should generate more revenue. Companies acknowledge that a web store is there, first and foremost, for their clients. But of course, the investment should be earned back.

"Batao has the knowledge and experience to build and optimize your B2B e-commerce store. We have worked on over 500 B2B web stores and know exactly what is needed to make your site connect."

Earning back an investment in an e-commerce channel can be realized by using the sales channel in the right way. Saving on online sales of products and services can first cover the cost, but also generate additional revenue.

A basic principle is that you, as the entrepreneur, choose to use reliable payment solutions that your target audience is happy to use. There are some useful tools to determine which payment service provider (psp) has the best selection of online payment types, against the best available rates.

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